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[PAST EVENT] Easter Holiday with Ninja Sage

Player | 19 April 2023 11:40 AM
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As for the newest update of version 0.22.15 Ninja Sage has been publicly made. The highly-anticipated "Easter Event" update has just been released, bringing a plethora of exciting new features to players of all levels!

β—ˆ What's new? β—ˆ New Village

Easter Village

The update introduces a brand new Easter-themed map, complete with colorful decorations, giving it a fresh look for Easter Themed Holiday and hidden Easter eggs that players are encouraged to find what we have been hiding πŸ‘€There may be some prizes that you can get from it.

β—ˆ New Easter Event

Ninja Sage Easter

We have a new event to be added for this month! The Easter Event has some challenges and rewards which players can obtain by killing the enemies and reaching certain milestones.

β—ˆ Easter Battle Menu

Easter Battle

Several Easter related themed enemies are available for players to pick on, which each stage will have different drops and milestone rewards you can get! You have to finish the first stage several of times before progressing onto the next stage!

β—ˆ Easter Puzzle Minigame

Easter Puzzle

A Minigame also available for all players to play, to earn Easter Puzzle Piece which you can exchange it for the Grand Prize Pet "Zen"!

β—ˆ New Easter Gachapon

Easter Gacha

A Gachapon Machine for Easter Event has also been added for players to earn several prizes such as Easter themed Jutsu, weapons, clothing and many more! It consumes one Carrot Coin per roll which you can obtain by doing battles on the Easter Batte Menu.

β—ˆ Easter Training Jutsu

Easter Bijuu Armor

A limited time Jutsu has been available only for the duration of the Easter Event has been added! It is the Bijuu series Legendary Jutsu, which is the Advanced Bijuu Armor available for everyone to buy. Grab fast, because it'll be gone once the event ends!

β—ˆ Easter Get Now Jutsu

Easter Get Now

Not only one, but we also added an Easter Get Now jtsu available to buy for a limited time until the event ends! It's the Rabbit Nightmare Jutsu which can instantly reduce an enemy HP! Do keep in mind that you have to buy the first Jutsu first and then upgrade it to the advanced version!

The "Easter Event" update is available for download now, so be sure to log in and check it out for yourself. Happy Easter, and happy gaming!

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