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Tailed Beast Massacre

02 May 2024 09:06 PM Event

After the ninjas succeeded in making tailed beasts into their pets, suddenly several adult-tailed beasts came to attack...

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Ramadhan Update

19 March 2024 10:49 AM Event

Happy Ramadhan to our Muslim Ninja. We provide events to boost your mood by spending time until breaking the fast.

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Chinese New Year 2024

09 February 2024 09:23 PM Event

nowing a powerful treasure appear in the Fire Village, they are deciding to attack the Fire Village to get the treasure....

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Valentine 2024

09 February 2024 09:20 PM Event

Love was in the air and excitement buzzed as couples and prepared to celebrate their affection for one another. Valentin...

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Christmas 2023

08 January 2024 01:02 AM Event

During the night of the fire village, several monsters invade, pretending to be the organizers of a Christmas event!

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Griffin Invasion

26 November 2023 08:55 PM Event

Air getting closer... The glittering light of Fire Village leads the griffin to think that's the direction of their new...

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Sage Helloween

02 November 2023 03:05 PM Event

Frightening might come to Fire Village, Demon Spirit spread fear through the night and night always comes... No light co...

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Monster Hunter Event!

27 September 2023 10:59 PM Event

Fire village being raided by 25 enemy from past accident, they came for take revenge! Help the kage to defend the villag...

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Garuda Event

19 August 2023 12:27 PM Event

Engage in an epic Garuda Event, pitting players against the mythical creature on Indonesia's Independence Day. Unite to...

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Summer Night

17 July 2023 11:10 PM Event

On a summer night, the village defended itself against darkness. Homes glowed with lanterns as malevolent pig snorts fil...

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